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Frequently Asked Questions

Today, view from any device using the website’s Internet address. Applications and Deskop as well as Smart TV will appear in the summer of 2024 this year! Stay tuned!
Director Paul Latushkin planned his TV channel back in 2011. but no one supported him. With his own strength and aspirations, he brought his idea to completion and officially launched the online platform in January 2024.
This is more than a simple and ordinary online cinema website… Our portal is a big home for independent directors from 160 countries of the world!
If something didn’t go according to your plan, write a personal message to director Paul Latushkin through the Telegram application in the Support section
In general, we are available everywhere, all over the World, in all countries and continents!

Our Office

Omsk region, Verkhniy Karbush, st. Sadovaya 4-1
644521, Russia, Omsk region, Omsk district.

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Mon-Sun: 10:00-17:00

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