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New, mystical TV show Other reality, watch online right now, and you also have the opportunity to watch without registration

The long-awaited premiere since 2011...

3 stunning seasons — and we’ll start filming the 4th soon!

New series from 2011 from Russia — a battle for good or evil? Mystic? Secret? Do you like all this? Then this is the place for you!

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The Karbush TV Online Cinema project is temporarily frozen due to sanctions…

Therefore, the site is dedicated to watching the new mystical TV show Other Reality…

New TV show Other reality


We are the creators of the Amateur mystical and new TV show Other Reality.

This TV show was developed specifically for the Karbush TV platform, the site was created to display films and TV shows from independent directors from around the world.

Welcome to our home!

We want to remind you that we have a FAQ page, or you can ask your question to Karbush TV technical support.

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